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Having a baby is a life changing experience that also brings an incredible range of new challenges. Apart from the many responsibilities that nurturing a brand new being involves, getting back in shape soon becomes a priority. Parenting demands masses of energy, enthusiasm, and stamina that can best be found by staying fit and healthy.

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Finding time for exercise that works around your busy schedule as well as the needs of your baby used to be difficult. With yoga classes and post-natal Pilates videos online available on demand in the home at any time of the day or night, life becomes a whole lot easier.

Bouncing Back after Baby Post-Natal Pilates Videos Online

Imagine being able to work out at the time that is most convenient for you, without having to clean yourself up to dash to the studio or gym to catch your favourite exercise class. No more watching the clock to madly race back home through traffic afterwards either.

LILYFIT takes the stress out of exercising by providing a wide range of Pilates and yoga videos perfectly suited for pre-natal and post-natal women of every persuasion. Pregnancy can be an incredible time and maintaining or regaining health, strength, flexibility, and power can make a massive difference to one’s birth experience and post-natal recovery. Pre-natal exercise classes such as pre-natal yoga and pre-natal Pilates not only make birthing easier but they help one’s body bounce back more rapidly once the baby is born.

Yoga and Pilates encourage the body to bend and flex while promoting breath awareness and strengthening multiple muscle zones. Such exercise can specifically target the lower back and pelvis, releasing pain and tension and improving overall fitness before the impending birth.

Having access to LILYFIT’s range of pre and post-natal Pilates videos online means being able to schedule exercise as often as you like, so there is no need to worry about missing a class or losing fitness in preparation for the birth. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and many people prefer to rest and retreat; leaving home to get to a class can often be an unwanted inconvenience or barrier to staying healthy and motivated.

Being organised or finding the time for a quick outing whilst caring for a new-born after the birth can be even more difficult. Practicing post-natal yoga and post-natal Pilates whilst baby is sleeping, without having to leave home is the perfect solution for new mums. Being able to take 10 minutes here and there throughout the day to connect and nourish oneself will make all the difference to improving and maintaining your health regardless of your life circumstances. Flexibility, convenience, and persistence are important keys to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.