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With the awareness of the benefits of regular exercise becoming more commonplace, it’s great to know there are workout options that are fun, enjoyable, and invigorating. Feeling fit and fantastic doesn’t have to mean visiting a boring gym and using mechanical equipment to perform a robotic routine. How much better it is to turn up the music instead and let the fun begin?

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045 African Dance, Intermediate

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040 Latino Cardio, Intermediate

039 Latino Cardio, Beginner

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036 Trampoline Cardio, Advanced

035 Trampoline Cardio, Intermediate

034 Trampoline Cardio, Beginner

033 Body Toning, Intermediate

032 Body Toning, Intermediate

031 Body Toning, Beginner

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027 Body Toning, Beginner

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025 Body Toning, Beginner

024 Legs, Bums & Tums, Intermediate

023 Fit Ball, Intermediate

022 Flexibar , Beginner

021 African Dance , Beginner

020 African Dance, Beginner

019 Trampoline Cardio, Intermediate

018 Trampoline Cardio, Beginner

017 Fitness Ballet , Intermediate

016 Fitness Ballet, All Levels

015 Flexibar Beginner , Intermediate

014 Fitness Ballet, Intermediate

013 Fitness Ballet, Advanced

012 Latino Cardio, Intermediate

011 African Dance , Beginner

010 Slim Down, Intermediate

009 Fitness Ballet, Intermediate

008 Latino Cardio, Beginner

007 Latino Cardio, Beginner

006 Latino Cardio, Beginner

005 Latino Dance, Intermediate

004 African Dance, Intermediate

003 Fitness Ballet, Beginner

002 Fitness Ballet, Intermediate

001 Fitness Ballet, Intermediate

It’s vital to create an exercise program that keeps motivation levels high and makes coming back for more a joy and inspiration, rather than a struggle. Dance fitness videos online holds the key to working every part of your body in an engaging and energising way, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Getting in Shape with Dance Fitness Videos Online

Dance fitness provides workouts for women that no other body toning exercises can even come close to. From gentle routines for beginners to high intensity workouts for those needing a more demanding challenge, there are body toning classes that keenly target the exact areas that need the most work.

Dance exercise delivers the kind of toning workout that helps excess weight fall away and develops a taught and terrific physique that will leave others aching to know the secret of your svelte success.

Spoiled for Choice

The range of body toning videos in the category of dance fitness is vast and there are styles of music and workouts that can perfectly match your time schedule as well as your fitness level. From gentle beginner’s ballet, to fast paced Latin and upbeat African rhythms, every one of our on-demand videos is a high quality production that is certain to help make reaching your fitness goals a true pleasure. Toning exercises for women have never been so enjoyable and having the option to use them whenever it suits is what makes LILYFIT the perfect match for busy women in the world over.

With new dance fitness videos online coming with great regularity, you can be certain of finding new routines and workouts that will raise your fitness to new heights as well as teach you some great new moves to use when you next hit the dance floor. Plus you’ll have the stamina to groove the night away without missing a beat!