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Neutral Pelvis and Spine

You have heard about the Neutral Pelvis and Neutral spine terms in every Pilates class but what exactly are they and why are they so important?
Neutral Pelvis is the alignment of the ASIS or Hip points and the Pubic Bone in line with each other in the Coronal Plane (Plane that divides your body in half). We all have the same neutral pelvis. It is simply an alignment relative to this plane.
Neutral Spine, on the other hand, is different for everyone, but it has the same elements. The Neutral Spine is the natural position of the spine when all three curves of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) are in good alignment. 
These curves influence one another. If one is not balanced, then other two will also be out of balance. Since the spine rests on the pelvis, the curves of the spine are also influenced by the position of the pelvis.

During any Pilates class, the instructor will talk about finding the neutral pelvis and spine.

How do We Finding Neutral Pelvis:

Place the heel of your hands onto each of your pelvic bones and place your fingertips on your pubic bone. The heel of your hands and the fingertips should be all on the equal plane. 

If the pubic bone is lifted toward the sky, your pelvis is in a more tucked position. If the hip bones are closer to the sky, your pelvis is in more of an anterior tilt and the curve of your lower back is deepened.
If you find that you’re the heel of your hands and your fingertips are all on the same plane, then your pelvis is in the neutral position.
How do We Finding Neutral Spine:

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Make sure you have your toes in line with your knees and your knees in line with your hips. Let your arms rest next to your body.
Relax your body fully, including your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Allow your back to rest on the floor. Your rib cage is dropped with the lower ribs released to the floor as well. Take a deep breath in, to your lungs, the side of your ribs and all the way down to the pelvis.
Breathe out and use your abdominals to press your lower spine into the floor in a pelvic tuck. Breathe into release. Breathe out and pull your lower spine up, away from the floor creating a pelvic tilt. Breathe in, to release.
Try to relax your body, no tension. Make sure that your shoulders, your legs, and your neck are also relaxed and are not involved in the movement.

Many of us are used to have our spine in tucked or arched position. To be in neutral spine, you want to be in between these positions, following the natural curve of your spine.

It is very important to work in neutral spine position because the natural curve will help cushion, protect and simply balance it.
To maintain a neutral spine will also help to stabilize the spine during everyday activities such as walking, sitting or lifting.

So, next time you go to your favourite Pilates class or try one of our online Pilates videos, you will have an understanding of what neutral pelvis and spine is.
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