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Insta Yoga?

With the advent of social media, the presence of perfect yoga postures can make it seem like everyone’s got their yoga game on. All these images can also make it seem like these poses are easily attained. If everyone seems to be doing them, how hard can they really be to move into?

If you’re new to yoga it’s important to remember that a real practice takes time, patience and dedication. There’s many a new yogi that burns with the desire to “have it all” before their journey has even begun. Taking the proper steps along the way, however, ensures that you’re mentally and physically ready to move into those poses you want to achieve.

It’s best to start with the basics. Consider taking a beginning yoga class online or heading to your local studio for some proper instruction. There’s a lot more to yoga than what graces the eyes on social media. Knowing how to begin can help tremendously when you’re thinking about starting out.

Anyone who wants to do some of the poses that they see must start at the beginning. Learning proper alignment and sequencing techniques are vital. Knowing how to merge your breath with the movements you make is also fundamental in starting out on your yoga journey.

The poses you see people in on Instagram and Facebook didn’t happen overnight. Learning the stability to stand in a certain pose takes the time to work up to. And no matter how difficult or easy a pose might seem by looking at it, actually practising it in real life takes dedication.

Yoga is a discipline. And it is one that takes the time to master. When you start out on your yoga journey and begin to take various classes either online or in the studio, you’ll find that each class has a beginning, middle, and end. Typically, the beginning of a class helps you to warm up and stretch the body before moving into the heart of the practice. The end of a class allows for cool down and gives the parts of your body that you’ve stretched a chance to relax.

As with anything, the more you practice yoga, the better you become at it. You begin to find that becoming comfortable in one pose will lead you to another. And when you find comfort in the next one, there is always one to come after that.

Taking the time to feel stable and comfortable while accepting where you’re at on the journey is the key to getting your practice to the place you want it to be. Yoga doesn’t come instantaneously, no matter how easy people posting pictures on social media portray it to be.

Anyone without experience in yoga is simply putting themselves at a risk for injury when trying to perfect poses that are beyond their range of capability. Taking the time to master the basic poses can help you build a solid foundation on which your practice can grow. Learning proper alignment and how to hold each pose for longer periods of time will help you eventually attain the poses of your heart’s desire.

The key to any solid yoga practice is not to rush things. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful journey of strength and self-discovery yoga offers. Doing so will not only help you reach the poses that sparked your desire to try yoga in the first place, but will help you reach beyond current limits of your body and mind.

Real change happens over time. Allow yourself the time to learn each pose and you will eventually build up the practice you desire. And as you move forward, remember that just as in life itself, yoga is about the journey and not the destination.