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Liris Mosquera, Dance Instructor, Latino


Liris Mosquera

Columbian Liris Mosquera Palacios, is a graduate in Telecommunications from INE Instituto Metro Politano de Educacion, a Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Event Organizer. She is also an alumnus of the dance academy Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia.

Beginning her dance career at an early age, Liris's passion for dance and music has allowed her to enjoy a wide artistic and theatrical spectrum that includes Colombian Folklore, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Classical Ballet and most rhythms in the Latin American culture.

With over ten years of dance experience, Liris has a keen eye is helping others discover their own personal, social and artistic development which has allowed her to travel the world with various dance troupes to countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Canada, United States, Mexico, Ecuador and Panama among others.

A firm believer that ‘dance unites the world in one language,’ Liris has worked with brands such as Nokia, Sony, RAK Bank and HP among others.