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Kimberley Stokes

Kimberley is an adventurous and passionate yogini living in Dubai.

Originally from Canada, she left her hometown, Vancouver, in 2000. Since then she has lived in many places in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, embracing the subtle and not-so-subtle cultural differences around the world.

She began practicing in 2004 and has been inspired ever since by yoga’s ability to heal, transform and nurture the mind and body. Her practice continually evolves as she explores and incorporates new ideas, thought processes and asanas into her daily life.

While her first passion was the Ashtanga practice, she teaches mainly Vinyasa Flow and includes pranayama in her personal practice. In teaching, she focuses on integrating alignment, breath and core connection using creative sequencing. Each class is about moving, sweating, strengthening both physically & mentally, stretching and finding enjoyment through the whole process.

Kimberley’s philosophy is not to take life (or yoga) too seriously. Life is there to be lived and fully experienced – the ups and downs are all part of the package. The trick is to find balance and joy through all of life’s experiences.

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