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Jade Wood

Jade specialises in teaching Yin Yoga.  She offers the practice to help improve people’s health and vitality and to broaden their yoga experience to include the softer, more mindful aspect of Asana.

Yin Yoga is like moving meditation between long held, relaxed poses. It can help to decrease symptoms of stress and with Jade’s guiding voice, help you reclaim you mind-body connection, through this deep yet gentle practice.

Jade studied with the School of Sacred Arts & Paul Grilley and continues to evolve her practice, incorporating chi kung, Chinese Five Element theory, somatic experiencing and principles of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy.

Her style is influenced greatly by her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and she seamlessly blends classical and modern meridian theories into her classes, with an approach that is accessible to all.

Jade’s classes are body-honouring and mindful, with a resonance seated in reclaiming our innate wisdom.

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