In Love with Lilyfit

My life has been a great adventure and the journey to where I’ve arrived, here at Lilyfit is colored with a lifetime of experience.  After many years of being in front of the camera, I knew I wanted to be the one behind the camera. I fell deeply in love with photography and videography and intuitively knew I needed a complete overhaul of my career. I took my love of scuba diving and being behind the camera to the Great Barrier Reef. I began filming underwater. Although greatly satisfying and absolutely pleasing to my soul, years of carrying around air tanks took a toll on my back and I stared to experience quite a bit of pain. In search of the perfect cure I took up yoga. It confirmed what I thought to be true and the pain in my back began to subside. 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We are all familiar with the saying “healthy body, healthy mind” and growing up in my family this was recited regularly.  My grandfather was an athlete and growing up we were taught to look after the body. I understood it to a point, but it didn’t resonate with me completely until years later, that the two are intricately connected. I was always impressed by body mechanics. While living in Sydney, I completed Sport Therapy at the Australian College of Natural Therapies. It was then I was first introduced to Pilates and found something that would forever change the course of my life. Pilates complemented my yoga practice perfectly! I became certified to teach Pilates and I travelled the world.

Lilyfit Expirience

It was in Dubai that the idea for Lilyfit was born. What started as a fitness portal featuring Yoga and Pilates videos quickly turned into something more. The Lilyfit team became a family of instructors, nutritionists, health experts, chiropractors and more. This group is amazing, experienced, and talented, and each and every person has been beyond supportive in building Lilyfit to what it is today. The ideas that turned into plans, were backed by pure passion and love, made it possible to offer videos that are now accessible to everyone.

At Lilyfit we are proud to give everyone the opportunity to become more aware of their bodies and indulge in a healthy lifestyle. We offer everything you need to do this in one easily accessible portal. From Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and Body toning to Pre and Postnatal videos, Lilyfit encompasses many aspects of a healthy lifestyle. We make it possible for people to exercise anytime anywhere and at affordable price while staying informed of healthy choices.

For myself personally, Lilyfit has given me an outlet where I can still workout with the busy schedule I keep. I too find ways immerse myself in a healthy lifestyle and stay involved in my practice.

With Love
Ljiljana Duff