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LILYFIT is your personal online fitness studio! We deliver a wide variety of Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Body Toning to Pre &Post Natal Videos to your home or on the go.

For the price of ONE studio class, you will have an unlimited access to our fitness video library anytime, anywhere. No stress about driving or busy parking, you can exercise at your convenience.

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As a mother of two my daily schedule needs to be flexible. Our family travels quite often, which makes it difficult to follow a set gym routine. With Lilyfit, I have the opportunity to maintain a weekly schedule around my hectic lifestyle. The professional level of instruction combined with the beautiful settings makes Lilyfit the most appealing online fitness/Yoga/Pilates tool. Keep it up!
Rachel Haefliger - Switzerland

Lilyfit is an effective way to bring Pilates and Yoga to those like myself, who appreciate the freedom to practice on our own terms, outside the confines of studio schedules. I find the Lilyfit instructors to be energetic, engaging and extremely knowledgeable and I look forward to progressing through the wide variety of consistently challenging videos the site offers.
Kristin Foster - Dubai

The best thing about Lilyfit is being able to workout with the amazing instructors at any time and place, and benefit from their expertise. Their classes are well taught, easy to follow, challenging and fun (love Liris's Latino cardio class)!
Nesrine Fawaz Ghaddar - Lebanon

I am a busy mum, and find it difficult to get to studio classes, as the timings are not always right for me. With Lilyfit, I can workout to a schedule that suits me! There are plenty of different class styles, so I never get bored. The best part is that I don't have to drive to the classes, which saves me time and keeps me stress free :)
Ivana Vrancic - Serbia

I love working out with Lilyfit, not only do I get awesome workouts, with the best instructors for each discipline, I also get to do it from the comfort of my own home, in my own time. No stress with the traffic jams. And, I get to workout when I'm away too!
Karla Moutran - Dubai, UAE

I used to do lots of yoga and Pilates group classes, but now with my demanding job I have no time. It’s great to exercise with Caroline, Heba and Laura again, and I can schedule my classes anytime I want!
Jo Szablowska - Dubai, UAE

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